by Howling Fantods

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Now there is a cloud that is coming. And the wind twists through your coat. And the thunder is the sound of drums. And the rain makes your knees feel numb. Now there is a cloud and it’s coming. Eight miles thick and bigger than New England. Grey all the way through. It’s coming for you. Now there is a light that is shining. And a fire burns hot in your lungs. And the lightning might blind you. But the sparks make your heart feel young. Now there is a light and it’s shining. Fire in your hand, bright like a star. Gold all the way through. Burning in you.
Fomalhaut 5 02:58
If I drop a rose from waist high on the fourth moon of Fomalhaut 5 it’ll take about six seconds to hit the ground going end on end and then we go… Cause it’s always been a dream of mine to climb those trees that are miles high and to leap from the branches. I’ll show you what romance is. I feel light when I’m with you. You’re the light when I’m with you.
City lights flood the patio with Stella Artois. A used vinyl copy of the Belly record. I got it at the mall. There’s a lot of beer and there’s a low red moon. Can’t see the sky, but I can see you. I know you don’t dance. And you got your reasons. And I know that they are good ones. But won’t you dance with… I’m the luckiest by far, but you, you’re lucky too. Can’t see the sky cause all I see is you.
Think about what you got in your home. Like for instance, do you own yr telephone? Or does yr telephone own you? All of the things that it puts you through! That’s why we go up and down and sing a song. It’s Thursday night, where you gonna go? Have a beer on the couch and watch a TV show? Or does the TV show watch you? Pretty sure that it’s obsessed with you!
Thanks to Weremissile for starting things out right tonight. And to the sound-guy. That bass sounds super tight! We got shirts for sale in XL and XXL. Stick around for the next band. Let’s go!!!! (Tip your bartender!)
Southwestern Pennsylvania. There’s this big ass rock where, late in November, you might get shot. Southeastern Pennsylvania. On block after block, any night in the summer, you don’t wanna get caught. We are the Keystone State? Hold it all together? Get out, get out, get out. We’re falling all apart.
TINAF1 02:03
I saw you down at Esther’s, out on the county line. You asked me how I’m doing. “Hey, man, I’m all right.” I said, “What’s up with you, man?” You wouldn’t meet my eye. You looked right through your beer glass and it turned your head upside. “I can’t tell Hawaii from Hell. I can’t tell the sharks from the sails.”
See the sun hanging bright? So much light could make you go blind. The photon flux is off the scale. Why is it so cold out there? You know that I wanna go to the Beaches of Fabricoh. See the blue? The blue, the white? All that light could make a man cry. The photon flux is off the scale, and still it’s cold out there.
Everybody! Gather round our funeral pyre! Cause we all know that nothing burns as bright as a holiday drum set or a Sunn amplifier on a Friday night. We won’t wait for this. We won’t wait forever. Everybody! Gather round our signal fire! Cause we all know that nothing burns as bright as Pete Santa Maria and the Jukebox Zeroes on a Thursday night. Nothing burns so bright. Nothing burns forever.
The Sun! It went out! Last night! I heard it on the radio. You were tucked in tight. I don’t know what we’ll do! Gonna let you sleep it through. Yr probably thinking that all’s lost. Yr mind is reeling. Well here’s my thoughts: We got soul. We got style. We got love. And we’ve got FIRE! LET’S GO!


released November 3, 2015

Howling Fantods are Manuel Barndt-Barnett, PA1 and the Keystone Kid.

The music (excepting Ralph, KS and TINAF1) is by HF. Ralph, KS and TINAF1 were written by HF + Matt Kelley. (Thanks, MK!) All lyrics by HF + AKB.

Extra belts and harmonies on F5, Ralph, KYT, KS, and Sunn 1 by Adam Leiter. (Thanks, Adam!)

*Howling Fantods Forever* recorded and mixed by Pete Rydberg at 1935 Studios in SOUTH PHILADELPHIA. It was mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio.

Layout on physical versions of this bad boy is by Matt Hanemann. Photos taken by Lance Crow at no small peril to his personal well being.

Thanks: you.

More thanks: Sam Pinola, Judie Gilmore, James Glass, Joe Ryan, Nip Phinizy, Stephane Zehender, Brian Wilkinson, Meshell Kimbel, Daniel Bisogno, Pete Girgenti, Marc Steel, Dan Chao, Eve Barnett, BZ, Keith Reffuge, Kara Ann Lafty, Peter Santa Maria, Jason DiLuzio, Julie Trainer, Dan White, Becker, Sal Cannestra, Matt Hanemann, John Kolb, Richard Kauffman.


all rights reserved



Howling Fantods Philadelphia

Howling Fantods are from Philadelphia. Their songs go like this: quiet, quiet, LOUD, LOUD. Or alternately, like this: LOUD, LOUD, LOUDER.

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