The Happy Whaler

by Howling Fantods



Blubber pikes. Walrus teeth and baleen. Coal. A tambourine. Copper kettles. Some wet maps and some wet books. Boots and hats. The captain and their cook. Cloth for sails and no room to fail. Tobacco. Ropes and tin spoons. A first mate and harpoons. Deck of cards. Ambergris and Ahab's leg. The cannibal Queequeg. A box of nails, but no white whales.


released 11 August 2014
Howling Fantods are: Kelley, Crow and JDoug

Music and lyrics by HF and AKB.

Recorded, engineered, mixed by Sam Pinola at New Sofa Studios.

Art by JDoug.



all rights reserved


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