at the Gates of Hell

by Howling Fantods

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released January 22, 2010

Howling Fantods are: Doug and the Matts

All music (excepting THX and Station) by HF.
All lyrics (excepting THX and Station) by HF + AKB.
THX by Dan Chao and Paul Hagin (Brain on Fire!).
Station by BILL IRONFIELD (and the Frenching and SGs too!).
LOVE Organ by Sam Pinola.
Finally Sax by Mark Brown.

…at the Gates of Hell recorded, engineered, mixed by Matt Kelley in Sam's garage.

Design and layout by Matt Schwartz.
Specs & Grrr drawn by Doug.

Thanks: you.



all rights reserved


Howling Fantods Philadelphia

Howling Fantods are from Philadelphia. Their songs go like this: quiet, quiet, LOUD, LOUD. Or alternately, like this: LOUD, LOUD, LOUDER.

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Track Name: Plight Attendant
The Titanic, it sails from here, every half an hour.
And I'm a fixture on the viewing stand.

Hand on a stick to wave goodbye.
And heartache like a robot would never understand.

Sky blue Pan Am Uniform. Miniskirt. Peaked narrow cap.

When the people you love are everywhere then you'd better be everywhere. At once.
Track Name: DVP
Well, it's not driving under
the influence if you're idling.
At this speed,
the car practically drives itself.

All the minivans in Scarborough,
one tail light apiece,
they obstruct my view.
The median's strewn with glass and fuel.

Tonight in this East End bar,
just me and Avril Benoit.
On the Don Valley Parkway,
you're never alone.

Track Name: LOVE Song '09
If I go out and I see you,
I'd like to tell you I'm wanna be with you.
And when I go out and I see you,
I'm gonna tell you I'm gonna be with you
all the time, everyday.

When I'm strutting home on South Street,
or buying liquor over in New Jersey,
stuck in traffic on the Vine Expressway,
or I'm swimming in the Schuykill,
I'm gonna tell you I'm gonna be with you.

Up in Nicetown, or the NoLibs,
Art Museum or the 9th Street Market,
Germantown Ave, in Mt. Airy,
Germantown Ave, up in Fishtown,
Germantown Ave, out in Chestnut hill,
or Germantown Ave, out in Germantown.

Or in that park, right by City Hall.
Track Name: (The Day All the Girls in Philadephia Dressed Like) Ramones
Memo said to put on your black jeans.
Memo said to wear your Chuck Ts.
Memo said to get your black leather jacket on.
Memo said to talk like you're from Queens.

All you Johnny girls,
All you Dee Dee girls,
All you Joey girls:
Dress like you're Ramones!
Track Name: Impossible Hair
If you wanna get out then get out!
If you wanna go out then go outside tonight!
If you wanna freak out and waste your mind,
If you wanna make out with all those guys, that's fine!

I wish you all the best in life,
I think about you all the time.

It takes a head to get ahead,
10,000 hours to be the best in this town.
And if you cut my hair tonight,
try to keep the bangs out of my eyes.

Track Name: Finally
She hit her head so hard
all the beer tastes the same to her.
Sudden enough to stop her in her tracks.
So many little accidents,
but oh please G-d!
Never that!

Maybe she'll be all alright in the end.
There's reason for hope here.
Like the time I hit my head at the beach.

I know surprises are in store!
Track Name: Diego
Past the WaWa at the Gates of Hell,
through the park, down the Parkway,
through something like a parade,
I didn't catch on,
like really get suspicious,
until the check-it-out girl at the Whole Foods
asked me where'd you'd been.

Where did you go Diego?
Been looking for you.
Where did you go, my good friend Diego?
Been looking for you.
Track Name: So So Did I
Left the island when she was 10,
never saw her father, her mother again.
Told her sons about the sea, the sky.
Said, "everyone was leaving,
so so did I."

Convinced, she was sure
she'd see her parents in Heaven once more.
But now she's proud of what she has.
She takes her grandson's hand,
she smiles, she says,
"everyone was leaving,
so so did I."

"Be there Paradise of Hell,
All I know is Somerville."
Track Name: Last Barrel Jumper
In the darkening afternoon,
tie on my skates and jump over barrels.
Maybe afterwards hit the local bar.
Drink my beer from a barrel.
Ha ha!

They say I am the last one.

But I might answer that our town is so small.
But I might answer that our winters, they are so cold.
But I might answer that I wasn't so great at hockey anyway.

They say I am the last one,
but, for me, barrel jumping it is the most fun.